Our centers are set up to maximize the utilization of the hardware we install.

The typical center has five computers interconnected via an Ethernet network. Each computer is equipped with the standard peripherals as well as multimedia speakers and a microphone.

One of the five can be considered a 'server', since it has a magnetic hard drive that the others write to; the rest of the machines are diskless workstations. Users can login at any of the five computers and expect to see the same desktop. From a user's point of view, the five computers are identical and they will see no difference in function or performance.

Under the covers, the diskless workstations store everything on the server. This can result in two scenarios:

  • When the network is operational, and the server is functional, users can access their data from any workstation.
  • At other times, clients will lose user data changes at shutdown, but otherwise the center will be operational. This is an acceptable risk since we don't consider user data to be critical in this case.

Aside from a hard drive that is 'mounted' on clients via network sharing protocols, server and client machines are of identical configuration.

We also plan to provide a networked printer for center use, but this has not been done yet.


Current centers:

- Dinajpur: details (name, number of students, male-female ratio, faculty, photos.

Khanpur High School 9 km away from Dinajpur town. It has total 500 students includes 217 girls and 283 boys student. Besides, 3 teachers are included in this project directly.


Past centers:

- Chevron projects

- Mukundapur

- Joynagar