The curriculum laid out in our wiki for students is rather brief but illustrative: it uses screenshots to explain various software operations. We are wll aware that we only skim the surface here -- our goal is imparting enticement, not expertise. To this end, we choose one representative software from each category, e.g. OpenOffice Write from word processors. 

Basic GUI introduction

Students are encouraged to explore the desktop. We give them the basic ideas of mouse pointers, desktops and file systems.


The Probhaat keyboard is included in the distribution: all wiki entries are in Bangla, and students are encouraged to write in the language as well.


We provide Thunderbird, an open source email client, automatically configured to allow students to email each other internally inside the network. This provides to real-world benefit, but it does allow students to understand what email is and how to use it.

Word Processor

Instructions on how to write a basic letter with proper formatting in OpenOffice Write attempt to explain what word processors do, and how to use them.


Students are instructed to create a spreadsheet in OpenOffice Calc that tabulates fake test scores, including various kinds of statistical measures and graphs to explain results.


GNU Paint is used to illustrate how to paint the Bangladeshi flag. 

Basic browser use

It's an increasingly browser-based world, so we introduce students to a browser: what it is, why it exists, how to use it. The wiki we provide is displayed on a browser, and students get to surf locally across all our content, which we aim to develop more as time goes on.

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