Computers for everyone

The Open Source Computer Education Project (OSCEP) aims at spreading computer literacy among school-going children in rural areas of Bangladesh. We set up small computer centers in these schools replete with training for teachers and a curriculum to follow to enable students to be computer literate.

The focus is not to teach them to code in C++ (although we'd love it if they do). Rather, we want them to be able to use computers for daily chores as well as entertainment and of course, education.

To make the project economical and efficient, we've modified an Ubuntu distribution to run on our machines and provide all elements our students need. You can learn more about the reasons for our choice here.

The project is operated and manned by House of Volunteers (HoV), Bangladesh, a non-profit that was founded at MIT by students and community members in March 2007. The Open Source Computer Education Project was its first stab at advancing education. Nine years on, HoV has now a Bangladesh chapter registered as an organization, student chapters at three major universities, and hundreds of enthusiasts joining its ranks everyday.

This site will tell you more about what we're doing, where our centers are located, and why we're doing all of this.